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National Fossil Park, Ghughwa

Ghughwa National fossils Park is situated 70km from Dindori in village Ghughwa. It is nestled in an area of 75 acres of land where attractive and rare fossils of leaves and trees are waiting to be explored. This National Park has plants in fossil form that existed in India anywhere between 40 million and 150 million years ago. Petrified trunks of trees have been identified as gymnosperms and Angiosperms Monocotyledons and palms. There are certain Bryophytes also. Depending on the age in which the Pangaea split into Laurasia and Gondwana land occurred, the fossils belong to either Jurassic or Cretaceous Age.

Ghughwa National Fossil Park

National Fossil Park, Ghughwa


Fossils at Ghughwa

Chada Rural Tourism Destination

Of the 8 ancient human tribes in India that still hold on to their own ancient ways and exhibit primitiveness in the anthropological sense, the Baiga’s are among the last remaining inhabitants. Baiga tribes belong to the Dravidian race and are also declared as the National Human Tribe.


Their appearance is what differentiates them from the other tribal groups in the District. Their wild and unkempt looks, tattoos among the women, piece of cloth covering the head that serves as a turban and similar dressing pattern all help in making them easily recognizable to even the most unobservant outsider. They are of a delicate and fine physique not generally associated with the other tribal groups in the District. A distinguishing feature of the Baiga tribe is that their women are famous for sporting tattoos of various kinds on almost all parts of their body.


The characteristics which made the Baiga special namely the cult of magic, bewar or cultivation, ancient customs of medicine their formidable hunting prowess, their famed story telling abilities may have lessened in the new centuries but against all odds, the Baigas have still managed to retain all these characteristics.



Karopani Natural Deer Park

Village Karopani is a classic example of mutual co-existence of humans and wildlife. Rare species of black bucks and spotted deer can be easily seen in Karopani which is just 4kms from the state Highway No. 22, going towards Amarkantak




Situated just 18 km from Dindori, Devnala gives tourist and nature lovers a unique experience of its own. There is a deep cave nestled among the hills over which water falls from a height of 50 feet. Devnala is being developed as a Yoga Kendra where tourists can relax and appreciate Mother Nature.



Dagona Waterfall

The Dagona waterfall is almost 85 km from Dindori and is situated on Budner River in between Goura & Kanhari village. Dagona means to “Cross a river in a single jump”. A temple of Budhi Mai is also near the water fall. This site reminds one of the famous Bhedaghat on River Narmada in Jabalpur. Locals call it “mini Bhedaghat”.