The historiography of the district is similar to Mandla district, because Dindori district was formed in 1998 after the bifurcation from Mandla. The original name of Dindori was known as to be Ramgarh till 1951, which then was a tehsil of Mandla. Later on, the name of Ramgarh was  renamed as Dindori.

Maurya, Sunga and Kanva followed by the Chalukya and Chedis dynasties ruled over the central India. Later, the Haihayabansi’s kingdom also reigned Garha-Mandla from 875 A.D. to 1042 A.D. After Baghel Raja of Rewa, Jadhe Rao Gond, a servant of king assumed the dignity of royalty. The Gond Jadurai became the first King of Garha-Mandla. There aren’t much details available about Raja Hirde Shah, the first Gond king.

Till 1835, Mandla was a tehsil of Seoni. In 1851, it was promoted to the status of district. There were 18 talukas when Britishers got the land of Ramgarh. Out of 2089 villages, 1039 villages had become part of the Sohagpur and 1050 villages remained in Ramgarh. With the help of Rewa king, Britishers got killed the brave queen of Ramgarh and suppressed the 1857 mutiny in Mandla. The Sohagpur area of Ramgarh was handed over to the king of Rewa. The remaining area annexed to Dindori tehsil which became a new district on 22nd May 1998.