Administrative Setup

General Administration

Dindori district administration is headed by the District Magistrate of Dindori. The District Magistrate, as the head of the district administration is the key functionary of the Government, having vast powers and wide responsibilities. He is the custodian of law and order and the pivot of local administration. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the district and as such he exercises general supervision over various departments in regard to their nontechnical work. Co-ordination of the activities of various Departments, control over local self governing bodies, execution of Government schemes and miscellaneous functions, such as Panchayats, Census, election and relief measures in time of emergencies like floods, famine and epidemics, etc. also come within his purview. The narrative on the organisational set-up of the Collectorate may be divided into three main, viz.(i) land revenue, land-records including consolidation of land and other allied matters. (ii) law and order and (iii) Development. The DM is assisted by the Additional Collector, Deputy Collector, Tehsildars, Naib Tehsildars, Revenue Inspectors and Patwaris. The DM is also associated with a number of other committees in the district. The most important among them is the District Advisory Committee. The DM is also vested with statutory powers under excise act to implement the excise and prohibition policy of the Government.

The district is divided into 2 sub-divisions and 7 development blocks. Each sub-division headed by a Sub Divisional magistrate.

Under the Fifth Scheduled of the Constitution of India, the whole of Dindori district has been declared as a Scheduled Area. It comes under the Jabalpur division. It has two assembly seats and has three tehsils, viz. Dindori , Shahpura  and Bajag along with seven blocks viz., Dindori, Amarpur, Karanjiya, Samnapur, Bajag, Mehandwani and Shahpura. There are two towns, 924 villages of 901 are those inhabited and 23 are uninhabited villages. There are 363 gram panchayats.


The Superintendent of Police commands the Police department at the district headquarters. In order to facilitate proper and smooth judicial and administration, there are 12 police stations and 5 police chowkies (outposts).

Police Stations
S.No. Name of the Police Station Office Phone
1 AJK Dindori
2 Bajag 07645-270270
3 Dindori 07644-234037
4 Ghugri
5 Karanjiya 07645-266523
6 Mawai
7 Mehendiwani 07640-263458
8 Mohgaon
9 Motinala
10 Samnapur 07644-267237
11 Shahpur 07644-269542
12 Shahpura Dindori 07640-230231
S.No. Name of the Outposts Phone
1 Amarpur 07644-260296
2 Bichhiya 07640-261431
3 Gadasarai
4 Gopalpur
5 Vikrampur 07644-264259