Food Civil Supplies & Consumer Protection

Objective of the Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Department is to ensure availability of essential commodities and check malpractices in supply and trade of food grains, petroleum products, sugar and other notified items. These commodities are available through Public Distribution System as well as in open market.

Targeted Public distribution system is meant for making available essential commodities to the weaker sections at administered prices. The department ensures supply even at the remotest corner of the state. Function of department is basically supervisory and regulatory in present context. Implementation of Public Distribution Scheme and the Essential Commodities Act through control orders and schemes issued by central and state governments.

The thrust nowadays is on ensuring supply of essential commodities to the targeted population i.e. people living below the poverty line. In the field of Consumer Protection, the department is entrusted with the smooth functioning of Consumer Grievances Redressal Forums at the State and at the District level.

Department encourages consumer protection movement through the registered and recognized NGOs. To carry out these functions, the Department has following setup; Directorate of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection, Office of the Controller, Weights and Measures, Madhya Pradesh, Rajya Upbhokta Pratitoshan Ayog and two Corporations-Madhya Pradesh State Civil Supplies Corporation and Madhya Pradesh State Warehousing Corporation.

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