In Dindori district summer normally starts from April and continues till end of June. April and May are severe hot months, when the summer season is at its peak. Winter normally starts from mid November and continues till end of February. December, January and February  are cold months, when the winter season is at its peak. In March climate in most parts of the district are on its bloom because of the spring. The nights are colder. Rainy season generally starts from beginning of July and extends up to the mid September. Autumn season is generally very small from mid September to mid November. The extended rainy season is the reason for its short duration. Minimum temperature in the higher reaches goes down to 2⁰C-3⁰C during the winter months. The maximum temperature in the lower areas exceeds even 45⁰ C during the peak summer month. The average rainfall in the district is nearly 1450.00 mm. Generally Block Shahpura receives highest rainfall of average of 1320.00 mm, whereas block Bajag receives least rainfall in the district of average 990.00 mm.

Average Rainfall : 1450mm

Average Maximum Temperature: 43.6°C

Average Minimum  Temperature: 3.1°C

Avg Rainfall Map

This Map shows the Average Annual Rainfall(in mm) with respect to each Block