Culture & Heritage


Kukarramath is one of the important historical sites in Dindori located from just 7 kms away from State Highway no 22. Unlike other Lord Shiva temples, this temple is westwards facing. There was a cluster of five temples but only one remains today and according to a legend this temple was built in a night and the Shikhar could not be completed because of the onset of the morning. This temple is declared as the protected monument by the Archaeological Survey of India. This temple is also known as Rinmukteshwar Temple.

Kukarramath Temple

Lord Shiva Temple at Kukarramath


Patangarh is a small village in Dindori which is famous for a rich tradition of producing world class painters depicting tribal culture and heritage in their paintings.  It is a speciality of the Gond tribe, which is relatively a new art form, and its roots can be traced far down in history. The Gond Paintings is a hidden treasure that is passed on from generation to generation in Patangarh. Mostly found in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, the Gond tribe is one of the largest Adivasi communities. Legend has it that ages ago there was a beautiful symbiotic relationship between the Pardhans (Priests and Storytellers) and the Gond tribe. The Pardhans would appeal to the God Bada Dev by playing a musical instrument, Bana and through this; immortalize the Gond patrons’ Genealogy. However, time and societal changes have affected the relationship between the Gonds and the Pradhans but today, they are far more likely to be found doing odd jobs for farmers than recording history.

Patangarh Paintings

Gond Paintings


The art of Iron extraction from ore and making products from wrought iron is still prevalent in Dindori. Quality, precision and skills of tribal people is at its best when it comes to artifacts made of wrought iron. 


Products made of bamboo by tribal people are being used in many five star Hotels and in many households for Interior Decoration purposes. The Bamboo art work of Dindori is slowly getting the recognition, it deserves.




Many folk dances are performed in this region. The baiga and Gond tribes are considered to be fond of dances and music. For them music is a gift from the God. Their dances are divided into two categories i.e. Social and religious dances.The religious dances are performed to get the blessing from God,to get rid of problem caused by the evils like Flood,famine and epidemic.

Folk Dance
In the religious dances there are Sua , Dashera, Doha and Sumran whereas in the social dances Karma, Reena, Saila, Bilma, Jharpad and Tapadi are very popular among the tribes.



Dindori falls in the Achanakmar Amarkantak Biosphere Reserve area which has a rich Bio-diversity. Medical tourism is on a rise as many people are resorting to traditional knowledge of medicinal herbs that is being used by tribals to cure various ailments.