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Notification Section 11 Khurpar, Junwanimal, Khairda, Kevalarimal, Kevalari Rayat, Barga, Padariya Mal, Kishalpuri Mal, Sakka Rayat, Rampuri Mal 03/07/2023 View (2 MB)
Notice of publication of Section 11 – Village Banki, Pipradi Rayat, Karigarhari Mal, Mangela, Karigarhari Rayat, Bargaon, Patharkata, Kanchanpur Mall 31/05/2023 View (2 MB)
Raghavpur Multipurpose Project and Kharmer Project Notification Section 11 – Ghusia Rayat, Ghusiamal, Kalkitola Mal, Kalkitola Rayat, Makhari Rayat, Dungariya Rayat Kevalari May Bamhani Andi Rayat (09/05/2033) 09/05/2023 View (5 MB)
Order to end the monopoly of school operators, publishers and vendors under Section-144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure 1973 09/04/2023 View (5 MB)
Publication of notification under Section 11 – Village Sarwahi Mal, Village Sarasdoli, Matka Rayat, Deorikala 13/03/2023 View (3 MB)
Local Holidays for year 2023 declared by District Administration 30/12/2022 View (3 MB)
Proceeding details of monthly meeting of District Level Road Safety Committee dated 04.10.2022 13/10/2022 View (1 MB)
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Approved District Survey Report (Sand) 09/09/2022 View (7 MB)
Approved District Survey Report (Other Minor Mineral) 23/05/2022 View (6 MB)
National Voters Awareness Contest 24/02/2022 View (1 MB)
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